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The Busiest Hippie In Byron

Raised in the Australian beach-town-slash-hippie-enclave of Byron Bay, his long blond hair and flat-brimmed hat make him easy to identify as a music-maker.

But nothing tells you quite as much about Walsh as his smile: a big, broad, toothy grin that seems to make his whole face open up. He smiles often and he smiles easy, and talking to him, you get the sense that his facial muscles may actually be more comfortable smiling than they are at rest.

He’s the kind of person where you feel like he could connect with anyone and form a true friendship within the first 5 minutes of talking to them – and as life so often imitates art, that’s exactly what he seeks to do with his music.

Walsh is a type of musical artist that seems to have gone out of style recently. In a musical climate that’s hyper-focused on individuality, aesthetic innovation, and ‘cool’ factor, his music, his story, and his artistic ambitions are refreshingly simple: 
 “Really I just want to create music that makes anyone who listens to it feel great,” he says. “Music that’s uplifting, that lets people be in a room and look at each other and hug each other and go ‘fuck yeah;’ music that makes you feel great.”

His origin story is equally refreshing. Walsh didn’t rise out of destitution, inherit a musical legacy, or come to music from a need to spread a doctrine: he just loves to play. He always has – and play is exactly what he’s done.

- Written By Austin Smith


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